My journey with autism...

My journey with autism began when I received the diagnosis in 1996.  I had many questions about a disorder that showed up in my only son with no warning signs and no prognosis.  I was forced to face the reality that there was no roadmap to follow regarding his future.  It is now twenty-five years later, and I know that being a parent to an autistic child is my greatest accomplishment.

Our journey is the driving force that allowed me to create the Autism Screams Logo.  I want individuals to know that the characteristics that I discovered throughout my journey with my son brought out the beauty in the world.  He enhanced my ability to love; have compassion; practice patience; embrace uniqueness and show empathy.  My hope is to help individuals living with the disorder understand that there is a silver lining in every cloud if you dig deeply in your soul.

Please support our commitment to increase autism awareness where resources and information may be limited.  A percentage of the proceeds will go to assist Autism Organizations that are committed to educate, inform, and inspire individuals about the disorder!

Deborah L. Harris
Author, Publisher, Screenwriter, and Autism Advocate



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